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Who We Are

Quandary Insurance is a benefit brokerage that focuses on employer provided benefit plans and specializes in controlling health insurance costs. At Quandary, we partner with businesses to build benefit plans with quality coverage, simple administration, and effective cost controls. We house solutions for 401k, payroll and more to complete your company’s benefit offerings. Don’t let your benefit plan be a quandary!


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The Quandary Advantage


Why Choose Us?

Providing health insurance benefits has become one of the largest and most rapidly increasing expenses to companies in the United States. With a clear focus on your business and specialization in alternative—funding solutions.

Quandary Insurance is equipped to provide you solutions and options, not with excuses for endless cost increases. We help companies of all sizes to save money with new levels of control and to protect their valuable time through simplified administration.


Long-Term Approach

Every year companies are presented with daunting increases on their health insurance renewal, and are given insufficient short-term solutions that lower quality to offset costs.

Quandary Insurance shifts the focus to a long-term approach, showing employers how they can contain costs over time.

Enhance your Employee’s Benefits

Our Products


We design ACA compliant health insurance plans for both fully insured and self funded models.


Employer sponsored basic and voluntary life insurance is a core benefit to offer your employees.


Dental insurance is an important benefit for all employees and their families.


Vision insurance is available from popular carriers like Eye Med, VSP, and Davis Vision.


Short- and long-term disability coverage is one of the most valuable and under-utilized benefits that you can offer. Disability insurance may replace significant portions of an employee’s salary if they are unable to work due to maternity, injury or illness.

Critical Illness & Accident Coverages

Provide employees with substantive cash payouts to help pay for expenses incurred by unexpected injuries or infirmities.

Our Services

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Our clients have access to an easy-to-use benefit administration portal that also provides employee access. Click HERE to learn more.




We house solutions + Integrations for: Payroll, 401K, HRIS, Applicant Tracking, HSA, FSA




We are here to support you with strategic advice, ACA considerations and ERISA compliance packages.

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